5 Ways to decorate your Kitchen In Your Apartment


The kitchen is the area of your apartment where one spends quality time to prepare their favorite moments. After all, meal time is when all the members of the family come together and relax even if it is once in a day. Creating a proper ambiance can reduce stress and add to polishing your culinary skills. Here are few types of kitchens and how to use up space in the best way possible.

Types of kitchen decor for small apartment and homes

Pullman kitchen

Not many of us are acquainted with this term that is an architectural name for a long and narrow space that relates to trains. Those who could not afford a large and roomy kitchen need not be disheartened. Pullman Kitchen is the most commonly found kitchen in small homes and especially apartments. The one thing you need to keep in mind while trying to decorate your kitchen if it is a narrow and elongated one is to maximize storage space. Focus on the available space while increasing efficiency of it.
Use of light colored stones helps to open up space like white marble. Also, you can use white granite or quartzite as an alternative to marble. Lighter wall colors with off-white or beige storage section can improve the illusion of a wider space. It is advisable to keep maximum free space over kitchen counters. Incorporating design elements like drawers and hidden pull out islands can help make the kitchen look neat.

Galley kitchen

It is similar to a Pullman kitchen mostly found in 2 or 3 BHK apartments. A galley kitchen has long and narrow space with counters and all kitchen appliances arranged on both sides. The kitchen is generally enclosed on all four sides that tend to make it dark and clumsy. The best way to add light is to make use of pendant or track lights on the ceilings and below the storage shelves. Another method to elongate space is by lining the ceilings by adding skylights. Using light shades of color on the walls also accentuates the kitchen space making it look spacious and well lit. First and foremost make sure you have a step tool to reach out to the top shelves. Shelving is very helpful as it keeps all kitchen accessories in place and the counter can be used freely.

Kitchen Island

If you are thinking of adding a kitchen island in your luxury apartment, it is essential to keep up the number of shelves that will reduce the cluttering on the island. This creates more room for cooking the meal and the island can serve as the dining area. Instead of traditional countertops you can make use of dark wood or contrast colors of laminates on the table top. To make more space for seating keep the space under the table to tuck in the seats when not in use. Make more use of the space overhead to keep minimum appliances or accessories at the counter level. The island can be used to store spoons and small cutleries by adding channel drawers and cupboards, which although will reduce the space beneath for tucking in the chairs. However, you can make use of the idea, either way, to use the free space and give a tidy look that will also be storage friendly.

U-shaped kitchen

A U-shaped design works well if one is looking for accommodating the dining area in the kitchen. This can be really helpful as you will not have to carry the steaming dishes all the way from the kitchen to the dining area and then serve them. Subject to the free space available, there are a lot many innovative ways of decorating a U-shaped kitchen-cum-dining. Usually, the table and the chairs can be accommodated in the other end of the U-shape. The dining table and the kitchen countertops can be matched to keep sync. Using lighter shades are always suggested to give the area an open and airy feel. To keep up the light levels, you may use hi-gloss units with glazed tiles. Stainless steel sink and countertops are also easy to maintain and also adds to the brightness of the space. Dark wood finishes with dark shades of colors can be used if the kitchen-cum-dining is spacious enough not to make the room look small.

L-shaped kitchen

The best feature about an L-shaped kitchen is that it has abundant counter space that can be an important detail to the kitchen. Making most of the free space in the best way possible is what you need to keep in mind while you are decorating the culinary space of your apartment. The best part of having an L-shaped kitchen is the availability of abundant counter space. All L-shaped kitchens demand a kitchen island which may not be possible if you live in an apartment. Using a drainboard sink instead of a normal sink can be very useful in the corner of the kitchen to use up most of the space. Again, a step tool is very necessary for reaching out to the top shelves which can also be kept hidden to avoid clumsiness.

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