Are Apartments in India more Energy Efficient than Houses?

The academics and energy industry consultants have been researching on subjects like whether an apartment is more energy efficient than a single-family home. This is a boiling topic throughout the globe. People are becoming more considerate towards minimizing the carbon footprints. The need to minimize the carbon footprint and enhance the energy efficiency bears significance in the long run apart from being relevant today.

In India, top real estate companies are introducing new techniques to reduce carbon footprints. This trend is more visible in the metro cities. However, one needs to perform a comparative analysis of the efficacy of a home and an apartment regarding energy efficiency.

Recent Results

Earlier, the surveys conducted in the USA during the last decade had announced results in favor of single-family homes. However, the recent results have differed from the earlier opinions. The multi-family residential complexes with 2+ blocks use less energy than single-family homes. The result reinforces the fact that there are greater options for energy efficiency in the way of enhancing the efficiency and reducing the consumption at the end of the residents and the community owner.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all policy for energy conservation. The basic characteristic of multifamily communities and apartment owners should be technically analyzed to come to a solid conclusion.

The Square Foot Results

The study of energy efficiency is mainly based on the square footage analysis as, until recently, it seems that this had been the fairest yardstick to compare the energy consumption between apartments and single-family homes. The apartments tend to be more energy intensive as they support electronic devices and standard home appliances within a compact space. Hence, the per square foot analysis might not bring out the accurate inference. This way of analysis would ignore the ultimate energy consumption which is the final concern of the real estate industry, the nation and the world as a whole.

Calculating the Household Energy Usage

The matter is of high importance hence the analysis parameters should be more justified. Per household energy consumption is a better metric than the per square foot analysis. According to the eminent real estate companies based in Kolkata and Delhi, the energy needs of the residents vary according to their age. Therefore, per square foot analysis cannot do a proper justice to the topic in discussion.

Based on household energy usage data, single-family homes utilize more energy than small multifamily residential complexes with 2+ blocks. The trend is similar to the energy usage by most of the appliances apart from the overall cooling and heating effects. In addition, one must consider the influencing factors that impact the figure of energy consumption bill. This includes climatic effects and the age of the buildings.

Recent results favoring apartments over standalone homes are leading buyers to follow the suite. One of the many benefits of owning an apartment is energy conservation. Community living keeps you healthy and happy.

Save energy. Save earth. Save humanity.