Do Buyers Of Property In Kolkata Wait For Festive Season Offers?

The festive season is knocking at the doors and this is the time when buying real estate property in Kolkata is considered to be auspicious. Over the years, there has been a trend of raining offers on behalf of the builders to encourage people to invest into properties with open hands. However, situations are changing. Many buyers are treading the other way and buying properties as per convenience, without delaying the decision till the festive season.

Current Trends In Buying Property In Kolkata

Industry experts believe that the popular sentiment of waiting till the festive season offer is a matter of past now. One of the most important reasons behind this shifting trend is the buyers’ age group. Rather than the old times when the bulk of buyers belong to the age group of mid-40’s to mid-50’s, nowadays the number of young buyers is rising. High-salaried millennials and the mid-30’s buyers do not mind a time being auspicious or not. They are rather more informed and practical, make decisions on business perspective.

Apart from the age group, another criteria that matters is the rise of single-member apartment buyers. Single men and women are keen to buy 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments in choicest locations. For example, the Smart Cities of Rajarhat and New Town are rising in popularity chart. Young professionals are buying flats in Rajarhat and New Town because of many reasons. Great civic amenities, heightened security offered by local law and order departments along with high-tech security surveillance systems installed by builders around the housing projects are encouraging the single owners to buy properties here.

Single home buyers do not wait for the auspicious season to begin for buying property in Kolkata. What they need is the availability of amenities within the precinct of the housing projects. Builders in Kolkata are alluring them with expanded lists of facilities like swimming pools, gyms, big community halls, car-parking areas, 24*7 electricity and water supply, cutting edge security systems and much more!

Buyer-Centric Market In Real Estate Sector

The current market for real estate is for the buyers. If the price is the only consideration for you, discounts are available for newly launched housing projects. So, what about those nearing completion? One can also avail discounts on apartments on the verge of completion. Given the long years of experience, top real estate builders in Kolkata can easily distinguish between genuine buyers and those coming from window shopping.

Genuine buyers could negotiate the price and definitely expect some discounts from the builders. The market is more competitive and to raise the sales graph, freebies and discount offers are served on platter throughout the year. Take, for example, recently the Kolkata buyers have witnessed ‘Rath-Yatra discount offers’ proposed by some of the big names in the world of real estate. The time was way before the advent of the actual festive season. So, the relevance of waiting for the festive season offers is on a decline. The decision of buying apartments is purely dependent on practical necessities.