How East-West Metro Corridors Are Encouraging Real Estate Developers In Kolkata

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Present Day Kolkata

Today’s Kolkata is an amalgamation of energetic and cultural crowd representing the youth with a modern outlook towards life. The city sees the daylight with office goers rushing for their workplace with no time for the little pleasures of life. This is, however, the story for all those residing in the metro cities in India. Kolkata, like all other metropolitans, demands quick transport services and latest facilities that will prove supportive to this modern day lifestyle.

With the motive to make provisions for latest amenities to the citizens, the government has prioritized to stage modern infrastructure and ample civic amenities in the city. The Metro East-West Corridor is a part of this venture too. The fast-paced life led by today’s generation need the best of transport and livelihood facilities, especially in the special economic zone of Rajarhat and Newtown areas. It has been observed that due to development of the IT sector in the Rajarhat-Newtown areas, a lot of real estate developers in Kolkata are investing in these areas. The IT hub of the city has seen a big transformation in the recent years. A bulk of the population has been planning on buying apartments in Rajarhat near their workplace which seems to have witnessed a boost after the announcement of the Metro East-West Corridor connecting Garia on one side to Airport on the other part of the city.

Residential Projects near Metro Railway in Rajarhat-Newtown: the New Address of Real Estate Developers in Kolkata

Rajarhat, Newtown, DLF-IT Park, Sector V and Salt Lake is the home to many IT companies due to which a major part of the population is seen to take interest in acquiring properties in these parts of the city. This place also hosts luxurious hotels, restaurants and lavish malls and entertainment parks with a rich spread of greenery to bring relief in the concrete jungle. Not only that, the healthcare giants like Ohio Hospital, AMRI, TATA Cancer Centre are also facilitating the people and are well connected by roadways and now through the upcoming metro station.

It is only natural that this area which is now under Special Economic Zone will see a big jump in the next 5 years. The real estate developers in Kolkata are, therefore, coming up with latest and affordable projects in these zones.

The upcoming metro station shall give an upper hand to all those investing in the real estate sector in Rajarhat-Newtown. Real estate developers in Kolkata are offering affordable luxury apartments in Rajarhat at best prices ever! It is recommended to buy flats in Rajarhat near your workplace if you are an IT employee as that will reduce the transportation time as well as cost. Esteemed educational institutions are also keeping up with the growth and development of this place and has purchased land for an establishment in near future most of which are already in place.

As very rightly said by Will Rogers, “Don’t wait to buy a land. Buy land and wait.” The right time to invest in flats in Rajarhat is NOW.

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