Indoor Gardening In Small Apartments In Kolkata May 25, 2018

Looking For Flats In Kolkata? Are You Ready Financially? May 16, 2018

How East-West Metro Corridors Are Encouraging Real Estate Developers In Kolkata May 08, 2018

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Reducing Human Interaction in the Wake of Property Portals Apr 03, 2018


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    Indoor Gardening In Small Apartments In Kolkata

    May 25, 2018

    Love the greens but have limited space that cannot accommodate big plants? Well, let not the scarcity of big open spaces be a hindrance to grow your own garden. Indoor gardens have been in practice since Victorian times for those who are inclined to nature. For those living in small apartments in Kolkata, indoor gardening is an only feasible method to create an imitation of a natural open garden.

    What You Need To Know About Indoor Gardening

    Learning basics before taking the first step

    Research is the only way to learn gardening tips and methods of growing indoor plants in confined spaces. Figure out which sapling is suitable for your available space and apt keeping in mind the lighting of the area. Herbs, Cacti and Bonsai are very easy to accommodate and set up indoors. Growing herb garden is advisable that involves no trouble and conveniently set up indoors giving an interesting makeover to your home. If you have never grown plants indoors, make sure you have read enough and are confident with what you have learnt and only then begin collecting saplings.

    Know the soil requirements for each plant type

    Proper selection of soil and determining soil weight is critical to maintenance of indoor plants. Consistency, drainage amount, nutrition retention along with cost effectiveness is very important while choosing the right soil type. How much moistness of soil is ample for the plant type also needs to be taken into account while planning for indoor gardening. The soil and PH level requirements differ for each plant type. Some plants may require disposable soil at the beginning or end of each season while some others can grow in the soil used once. The soil should also have enough micronutrients and natural decomposers for healthy growth.

    Arranging proper light when staying small apartments in Kolkata

    Kolkata is a hot and humid city in the summers stretching for most of the time in a year. This makes it difficult for certain indoor plants to grow healthily unless they are exposed to proper light for certain duration. For instance, some herbs and plants like lettuce cannot grow when exposed to too much sunlight as they have low light requirements. Decide on what light to use for your choice of the plant first. If you have big windows with ample sunlight availability at particular times of the day that suits your requirements, it is possible to depend on that alone. However, if that is not the case you may have to opt for artificial lighting sources like light reflectors and LEDs.

    Do you check the soil before watering your plants?

    The most common mistake that beginners commit is overwatering. Drenching the plants with excess water is not a good idea as it shocks the roots and kills the plant before it even it starts growing. Make a habit of checking the dampness of the soil every time you go for watering. The plant may not require watering on rainy days at all while it may need to be watered frequently on hot and dry days. Once you see water dripping from the bottom of the pot take it as a signal to stop pouring anymore.

    Indoor gardening is a greener way of decorating your home with added benefits. It not only purifies the air but also brings freshness to the room keeping your mind stress-free at the same time. Most new apartments in Kolkata are opting for indoor plants as they cannot afford a kitchen garden with limited free space available. However, some real estate developers in Kolkata have taken this initiative of building housing complexes with garden areas and provision for putting up pots in the balconies for those who share this love for greens.

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    Looking For Flats In Kolkata? Are You Ready Financially?

    May 16, 2018

    Whatever the reason may be, if you have decided to buy a property of your own, you should make sure you are monetarily prepared. To make the process as stress-free as possible, it is necessary to be prepared prior the search for your dream abode begins. Whether you are relocating or looking for investing in flats in Kolkata, the initial step is to make a plan in advance. And this is exactly where we can be of help.

    1. CIBIL Score:

      While your search for flats in Kolkata hasn’t hit the wall, you can still be ready you’re your CIBIL Score. Knowing your credit score is the first major step that you should take. Check for any miscalculations in the credit report and review it scrupulously to avoid any oversights. It is now easily possible to obtain CIBIL Scores online as well. With a high CIBIL Score you can get home loans at cheaper rates of interest and also easy approvals of loans.

    2. Well-organized Savings:

      Keeping savings in the right amount at the right time helps in paying the down payment easily in future while investing on the interested property. Proper savings can be of great help while making investments in other accessory expenditures while not being worried about the home loan that you have applied for. More than anything it helps to make the financial institutions believe in you and smoothen the loan approval process.

    3. Avoid additional credit:

       Once you have decided to plan for a new home, it is advisable to stop taking additional credit 6 months prior to making an investment or applying for a loan. Swiping your credit card too often may not be a good idea also. It is important to keep in mind that this may have an undesirable effect on your CIBIL Score. Hence, being extra cautious is the mantra.

    4. Check the whims:

      In the process of owning the best of the flats in Kolkata, watch yourself from becoming extravagant in your pursuit. Plan your investments in a manner that you can afford to keep up with what you have invested in. You should be aware of where you need to confine yourself. Maintaining the cash-flow is as necessary as finding solace. It is more important to enjoy your stay than ending up owning an over expensive property which you cannot afford to maintain.

    5. The DRC Fund:

      You may have never even heard of such funds. Well, you are not mistaken. DRC is short for Deposit Reserve and Contingency Fund. Although you are saving for your future investment or you are paying your EMI’s for it, keeping some money aside for your daily requirements is mandatory. The deposit fund should be at least 20% of your total savings. The Reserve Fund, i.e., your daily and monthly expenses, seen or unseen, like repairs, new furniture, etc. must be kept aside. And the last one, Contingency Fund, as the name suggests, for unforeseen expenses such as accessory alteration or renovations.

    A range of apartments is available these days in and around Newtown and Rajarhat in Kolkata. Some real estate developers also offer home loan solutions while booking a project with them. They also help you plan your investment to make it easier for you to pay the installments. While you are still searching for the right property, keep an eye on your assets and savings. Let not the search for the perfect home put a hole in your pocket.

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    How East-West Metro Corridors Are Encouraging Real Estate Developers In Kolkata

    May 08, 2018

    Present Day Kolkata

    Today’s Kolkata is an amalgamation of energetic and cultural crowd representing the youth with a modern outlook towards life. The city sees the daylight with office goers rushing for their workplace with no time for the little pleasures of life. This is, however, the story for all those residing in the metro cities in India. Kolkata, like all other metropolitans, demands quick transport services and latest facilities that will prove supportive to this modern day lifestyle.

    With the motive to make provisions for latest amenities to the citizens, the government has prioritized to stage modern infrastructure and ample civic amenities in the city. The Metro East-West Corridor is a part of this venture too. The fast-paced life led by today’s generation need the best of transport and livelihood facilities, especially in the special economic zone of Rajarhat and Newtown areas. It has been observed that due to development of the IT sector in the Rajarhat-Newtown areas, a lot of real estate developers in Kolkata are investing in these areas. The IT hub of the city has seen a big transformation in the recent years. A bulk of the population has been planning on buying apartments in Rajarhat near their workplace which seems to have witnessed a boost after the announcement of the Metro East-West Corridor connecting Garia on one side to Airport on the other part of the city.

    Residential Projects near Metro Railway in Rajarhat-Newtown: the New Address of Real Estate Developers in Kolkata

    Rajarhat, Newtown, DLF-IT Park, Sector V and Salt Lake is the home to many IT companies due to which a major part of the population is seen to take interest in acquiring properties in these parts of the city. This place also hosts luxurious hotels, restaurants and lavish malls and entertainment parks with a rich spread of greenery to bring relief in the concrete jungle. Not only that, the healthcare giants like Ohio Hospital, AMRI, TATA Cancer Centre are also facilitating the people and are well connected by roadways and now through the upcoming metro station.

    It is only natural that this area which is now under Special Economic Zone will see a big jump in the next 5 years. The real estate developers in Kolkata are, therefore, coming up with latest and affordable projects in these zones.

    The upcoming metro station shall give an upper hand to all those investing in the real estate sector in Rajarhat-Newtown. Real estate developers in Kolkata are offering affordable luxury apartments in Rajarhat at best prices ever! It is recommended to buy flats in Rajarhat near your workplace if you are an IT employee as that will reduce the transportation time as well as cost. Esteemed educational institutions are also keeping up with the growth and development of this place and has purchased land for an establishment in near future most of which are already in place.

    As very rightly said by Will Rogers, “Don’t wait to buy a land. Buy land and wait.” The right time to invest in flats in Rajarhat is NOW.

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    5 Ways to decorate your Kitchen In Your Apartment

    Apr 14, 2018

    The kitchen is the area of your apartment where one spends quality time to prepare their favorite moments. After all, meal time is when all the members of the family come together and relax even if it is once in a day. Creating a proper ambiance can reduce stress and add to polishing your culinary skills. Here are few types of kitchens and how to use up space in the best way possible.

    Types of kitchen decor for small apartment and homes

    Pullman kitchen

    Not many of us are acquainted with this term that is an architectural name for a long and narrow space that relates to trains. Those who could not afford a large and roomy kitchen need not be disheartened. Pullman Kitchen is the most commonly found kitchen in small homes and especially apartments. The one thing you need to keep in mind while trying to decorate your kitchen if it is a narrow and elongated one is to maximize storage space. Focus on the available space while increasing efficiency of it.
    Use of light colored stones helps to open up space like white marble. Also, you can use white granite or quartzite as an alternative to marble. Lighter wall colors with off-white or beige storage section can improve the illusion of a wider space. It is advisable to keep maximum free space over kitchen counters. Incorporating design elements like drawers and hidden pull out islands can help make the kitchen look neat.

    Galley kitchen

    It is similar to a Pullman kitchen mostly found in 2 or 3 BHK apartments. A galley kitchen has long and narrow space with counters and all kitchen appliances arranged on both sides. The kitchen is generally enclosed on all four sides that tend to make it dark and clumsy. The best way to add light is to make use of pendant or track lights on the ceilings and below the storage shelves. Another method to elongate space is by lining the ceilings by adding skylights. Using light shades of color on the walls also accentuates the kitchen space making it look spacious and well lit. First and foremost make sure you have a step tool to reach out to the top shelves. Shelving is very helpful as it keeps all kitchen accessories in place and the counter can be used freely.

    Kitchen Island

    If you are thinking of adding a kitchen island in your luxury apartment, it is essential to keep up the number of shelves that will reduce the cluttering on the island. This creates more room for cooking the meal and the island can serve as the dining area. Instead of traditional countertops you can make use of dark wood or contrast colors of laminates on the table top. To make more space for seating keep the space under the table to tuck in the seats when not in use. Make more use of the space overhead to keep minimum appliances or accessories at the counter level. The island can be used to store spoons and small cutleries by adding channel drawers and cupboards, which although will reduce the space beneath for tucking in the chairs. However, you can make use of the idea, either way, to use the free space and give a tidy look that will also be storage friendly.

    U-shaped kitchen

    A U-shaped design works well if one is looking for accommodating the dining area in the kitchen. This can be really helpful as you will not have to carry the steaming dishes all the way from the kitchen to the dining area and then serve them. Subject to the free space available, there are a lot many innovative ways of decorating a U-shaped kitchen-cum-dining. Usually, the table and the chairs can be accommodated in the other end of the U-shape. The dining table and the kitchen countertops can be matched to keep sync. Using lighter shades are always suggested to give the area an open and airy feel. To keep up the light levels, you may use hi-gloss units with glazed tiles. Stainless steel sink and countertops are also easy to maintain and also adds to the brightness of the space. Dark wood finishes with dark shades of colors can be used if the kitchen-cum-dining is spacious enough not to make the room look small.

    L-shaped kitchen

    The best feature about an L-shaped kitchen is that it has abundant counter space that can be an important detail to the kitchen. Making most of the free space in the best way possible is what you need to keep in mind while you are decorating the culinary space of your apartment. The best part of having an L-shaped kitchen is the availability of abundant counter space. All L-shaped kitchens demand a kitchen island which may not be possible if you live in an apartment. Using a drainboard sink instead of a normal sink can be very useful in the corner of the kitchen to use up most of the space. Again, a step tool is very necessary for reaching out to the top shelves which can also be kept hidden to avoid clumsiness.

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    Reducing Human Interaction in the Wake of Property Portals

    Apr 03, 2018

    Life has gone extremely busy for the millennials, particularly those who reside in Indian metropolises. To save time, the millennials are resorting to online services and the buying pattern of real estate properties is witnessing a diametric alteration. Gone are the times when people would contact real estate agents, specify their requirements and fix their dates to go and visit the properties. Nowadays, rather than physically visiting the sites, the buyers of real estate properties in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, the 3 megacities in India, would prefer to get a 3600 view of the properties on the internet. Even the buyers of apartments in Kolkata are not far behind. They are also fast catching up with the trend. So, let us check out, why people are going online in the matters of purchasing properties.

    The Influence of Internet

    The internet is a safe and convenient medium for booking real estate properties. There are property portals where multiple reputed builders enlist their properties. In addition, if you conduct an online search for the metro cities of India, it is not hard to find out top real estate builders in Kolkata and the likes which run their individual property mobile apps.

    The Benefits

    Time saving: Probably what the gen next loves the most is the time saved. Given the time spent to reach the office and get back to home, one hardly gets free hours. While on the move, the millennials can browse through the lists and bookmark the choicest ones.

    Cost cutting: No need to pay for the conveyance cost to reach the project site locations as you could share a similar experience with the aid of the top quality images and videos uploaded at the sites. At many online sites, you can even take a look at the 3600 view of the properties that give you a real-life personalized experience- as if you were physically present at the site.
    In addition, when you book a property online, you save the money to be paid to the real estate broker in the cases of traditional buying methods.

    Property mobile apps: To make your online experience more user-friendly, some builder houses have launched their property mobile apps. If you are having a notion that these apps could only make your process of searching the properties easier or can be at best used to save time, you are wrong.

    Multiple benefits of property mobile apps: The lists of benefits you achieve depend on the number of features incorporated into an app. For example, some builders include the information in relation to the proximity of recreation centers, educational institutes, shopping malls and hospitals from the project sites. Such information really serves us a lot if we are planning to buy properties at some developing part of a city.

    Direct communication: No need to contact a builder via a middleman. Just note down the contact details furnished online and get in touch with the real estate builders, directly. Get all information from the horse’s mouth.

    The reputed builders are fast adopting themselves with the modified scenario. Do not forget to browse through the enlisted properties on the internet which have been built by some renowned real estate company in Kolkata for if you are planning to settle in the city. Wish you happy buying.

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    Are Apartments in India more Energy Efficient than Houses?

    Feb 22, 2018

    The academics and energy industry consultants have been researching on subjects like whether an apartment is more energy efficient than a single-family home. This is a boiling topic throughout the globe. People are becoming more considerate towards minimizing the carbon footprints. The need to minimize the carbon footprint and enhance the energy efficiency bears significance in the long run apart from being relevant today.

    In India, top real estate companies are introducing new techniques to reduce carbon footprints. This trend is more visible in the metro cities. However, one needs to perform a comparative analysis of the efficacy of a home and an apartment regarding energy efficiency.

    Recent Results

    Earlier, the surveys conducted in the USA during the last decade had announced results in favor of single-family homes. However, the recent results have differed from the earlier opinions. The multi-family residential complexes with 2+ blocks use less energy than single-family homes. The result reinforces the fact that there are greater options for energy efficiency in the way of enhancing the efficiency and reducing the consumption at the end of the residents and the community owner.

    However, there is no one-size-fits-all policy for energy conservation. The basic characteristic of multifamily communities and apartment owners should be technically analyzed to come to a solid conclusion.

    The Square Foot Results

    The study of energy efficiency is mainly based on the square footage analysis as, until recently, it seems that this had been the fairest yardstick to compare the energy consumption between apartments and single-family homes. The apartments tend to be more energy intensive as they support electronic devices and standard home appliances within a compact space. Hence, the per square foot analysis might not bring out the accurate inference. This way of analysis would ignore the ultimate energy consumption which is the final concern of the real estate industry, the nation and the world as a whole.

    Calculating the Household Energy Usage

    The matter is of high importance hence the analysis parameters should be more justified. Per household energy consumption is a better metric than the per square foot analysis. According to the eminent real estate companies based in Kolkata and Delhi, the energy needs of the residents vary according to their age. Therefore, per square foot analysis cannot do a proper justice to the topic in discussion.

    Based on household energy usage data, single-family homes utilize more energy than small multifamily residential complexes with 2+ blocks. The trend is similar to the energy usage by most of the appliances apart from the overall cooling and heating effects. In addition, one must consider the influencing factors that impact the figure of energy consumption bill. This includes climatic effects and the age of the buildings.

    Recent results favoring apartments over standalone homes are leading buyers to follow the suite. One of the many benefits of owning an apartment is energy conservation. Community living keeps you healthy and happy.

    Save energy. Save earth. Save humanity.


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