The Mission To Redefine The World Of Apartments In Kolkata

When you start a new organization, there is always a mission that boosts up your determination. One such mission behind the foundation of the architect group of ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ was to redefine the world of housing infrastructure in Kolkata. The company was started 15 years ago. With the help of this company, the founding members Mr. Shishir Gupta and Mr. S.K. Nasir wanted to modify the way of working of this industry.

Why is it neccessary to redefine the world of housing infrastructure in Kolkata?

Apparently, there are many things that should be addressed in the world of the residential real estate in Kolkata.

  • Focus upon 100% user satisfaction
  • Giving equal priority to every individual apartment
  • Taking every apartment as an individual assignment
  • Utilisation of highest quality building materials
  • Maintenance of full professionalism
  • Constructing the apartments with excellent designs
  • Inclusion of modern facilities within the boundary of the housing project
  • Keep the prices within the reach of your budget
  • Keep a balance between the ecology and modern facilities
  • Developing a housing project near the centres from where one can easily avail a medium of transport
  • Choosing a plot to develop a housing project from where the educational, medical and shopping centres are quite near

The ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ has addressed all the above-mentioned points during the course of its journey as a real estate builder in Kolkata.

How does Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. differ from rest of the other builders?

Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. wishes to offer a totally different experience to those who are looking for apartments in Kolkata. The company keeps a balance between tradition and innovation. One of the primary aims of the organization is to go beyond the expectations of its valued customers. The good thing is that, for Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd., every customer is a valued member of its extended family.

The success of our excellent track record is our continuous effort to excel in our profession so that when you go to buy a property in Kolkata and book an apartment with us, you get the best one against the money you have paid. We are growing and we hope to prosper with your success.