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    Do Buyers Of Property In Kolkata Wait For Festive Season Offers?

    Oct 16, 2017

    The festive season is knocking at the doors and this is the time when buying real estate property in Kolkata is considered to be auspicious. Over the years, there has been a trend of raining offers on behalf of the builders to encourage people to invest into properties with open hands. However, situations are changing. Many buyers are treading the other way and buying properties as per convenience, without delaying the decision till the festive season.

    Current Trends In Buying Property In Kolkata

    Industry experts believe that the popular sentiment of waiting till the festive season offer is a matter of past now. One of the most important reasons behind this shifting trend is the buyers’ age group. Rather than the old times when the bulk of buyers belong to the age group of mid-40’s to mid-50’s, nowadays the number of young buyers is rising. High-salaried millennials and the mid-30’s buyers do not mind a time being auspicious or not. They are rather more informed and practical, make decisions on business perspective.

    Apart from the age group, another criteria that matters is the rise of single-member apartment buyers. Single men and women are keen to buy 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments in choicest locations. For example, the Smart Cities of Rajarhat and New Town are rising in popularity chart. Young professionals are buying flats in Rajarhat and New Town because of many reasons. Great civic amenities, heightened security offered by local law and order departments along with high-tech security surveillance systems installed by builders around the housing projects are encouraging the single owners to buy properties here.

    Single home buyers do not wait for the auspicious season to begin for buying property in Kolkata. What they need is the availability of amenities within the precinct of the housing projects. Builders in Kolkata are alluring them with expanded lists of facilities like swimming pools, gyms, big community halls, car-parking areas, 24*7 electricity and water supply, cutting edge security systems and much more!

    Buyer-Centric Market In Real Estate Sector

    The current market for real estate is for the buyers. If the price is the only consideration for you, discounts are available for newly launched housing projects. So, what about those nearing completion? One can also avail discounts on apartments on the verge of completion. Given the long years of experience, top real estate builders in Kolkata can easily distinguish between genuine buyers and those coming from window shopping.

    Genuine buyers could negotiate the price and definitely expect some discounts from the builders. The market is more competitive and to raise the sales graph, freebies and discount offers are served on platter throughout the year. Take, for example, recently the Kolkata buyers have witnessed ‘Rath-Yatra discount offers’ proposed by some of the big names in the world of real estate. The time was way before the advent of the actual festive season. So, the relevance of waiting for the festive season offers is on a decline. The decision of buying apartments is purely dependent on practical necessities.

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    All About Home Loan Eligibility In India

    Sep 14, 2017

    Unlike many developing and developed nations, India has recorded a growth in its real estate industry. Thanks to government’s long-term massive infrastructural projects, the metropolitan and Tier- 1 cities are extending its borders. So, there is no scarcity of land for the development of commercial and housing projects. The demand for both types of properties is continually growing in metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. Owing to better employment opportunities, people are shifting their bases here in these cities. Consequently, the demand for real estate properties in Kolkata and other cities is increasing. Banking and home loan financiers do not want to lose this opportunity. Thanks to consumer-friendly decisions made by the Union finance minister and RBI, the interest rates of home loan are declining.

    Criteria for home loan eligibility for buying real estate properties in Kolkata

    The criteria for home loan eligibility differ for different banks or lenders. Home loan approvals are dependent on the incomes of borrowers, their credit profiles and existing relationships with the lending institutions.


    Minimum Age: 21 yrs

    Maximum Age: 65 yrs (depending on employment type)

    Minimum Amount of Net Annual Income

    Rs 5 to 7 Lakhs (depending on employment type)

    Employment Type

    Salaried or Self-Employed

    Employment Status

    Regular employment at least for last 1 year; at least 3 years of employment years in total (without any gap)

    Residence Type


    Residence Status

    Current place of stay for last 1 year

    Credit Rating

    Higher ratings offered by recognised credit bureau

    Type of Property to be Purchased

    It affects the eligibility for loan amount

    Requisite Documents for Home Loan Application

    • Photograph affixed signed applications
    • Proof of Identity: Voter ID/ Passport/ PAN Card
    • Proof of Residence: Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License/ Electricity Bill/ Water Bill/ Lease Agreement
    • Proof of incomes
    • Salaried: Previous 3 months salary slips/ Current Salary Certificate
    • Self-employed: Previous 3 to 6 months bank statements/ Audited financial statements
    • Proof of Tax
    • Salaried:/strong> Latest copy of Form 16
    • Self-employed: Latest copy of ITR Form
    • Proof of Employment
    • Salaried: Employment certificate
    • Self-employed: MOA/Partnership deed etc. The documents proving the establishment of business
    • Property documents
    • Cheque for the Processing Fee
    • Documentation of co-applicant

    The good thing is that every home loan financier has a ‘Help Desk’ for discussing the details. You can approach them for receiving proper insights. Apart from that, the legal cell of new age home builders like ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ offers all possible assistance in hassle-free procurement of home loans to its customers. If you have the will and the might to buy a real estate properties in Kolkata, the time is now. Explore the possibilities of a growing home loan market. Apply for a home loan, book an apartment and buy it!

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    Why you Need Open Spaces for Children In Housing Projects In Kolkata?

    Jul 13, 2017

    The families with children in Kolkata buy apartments that fulfill their overall requirements. The welfare of their children being their top priority, they prefer those housing projects in Kolkata that include open spaces for them. Playing areas for children are very important for their natural development. We all know the significance of regular physical activities on children’s growth. They not only develop the body but also help in normal mental development. Based on the latest researches, the psychiatrists are putting immense emphasis on regular playing activities for the natural psychological development of children. How well they develop long-lasting relationships with people during their adulthood greatly depend on a healthy interaction with their childhood friends!

    The Necessity of Open Spaces In Housing Projects In Kolkata

    Children love to run in the open spaces and it helps them to explore their surroundings. The thrill of exploring new spaces and the sense of conquering the hurdles in the forms of swings and slides instill a competitive tendency which proves helpful in their performance. Not being confined within a structured space help them to grow the ability of imagination. All these qualities prove to be immensely helpful in the development of their successful career.

    The facilities that must be Offered by the real estate builders in Kolkata to cater to the needs of children

    According to Joseph Lee who is known as the pioneer of the ‘playground movement’, ‘Play for grown people is recreation- the renewal of life; for children, it is growth- the gaining of life.’ Due to scarce availability of space, the housing projects in Kolkata that are developed in the crowded residential areas are not left with the choice of adding a huge open space for the children. However, a little smart planning like proper utilisation of the podium area could solve the problem. These tricks require no adjustment with available land area or inflate the cost of building.

    Why are more Home Buyers Searching for Real Estate Properties Built in the Smart Cities?

    The housing projects in Rajarhat, Kolkata are built following the international standards of architecture and design. New age builders like ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ are keeping enough open space and playing areas for children apart from the regular gardens. Following the state rules that a specific area should be kept for maintaining greenery in the Smart Cities of New Town and Rajarhat, the projects include landscaped gardens within the boundary of the housing projects.

    Naturally, prospective home buyers with children want to buy the flats built in New Town and Rajarhat for numerous advantages. They look for 2 and 3 BHK flats for sale in Rajarhat as most of them come with high-end security installations, 24X7 power backup, fire security system, car-parking areas, community halls and last but not the least open spaces for playing area. Certainly, the apartments built in the Smart Cities are giving the housing projects built in other parts of Kolkata, a tough competition.

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    Realtech Nirman: The Makers Of Quality Apartments In Kolkata

    Jun 07, 2017

    The founding mission of ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ was to stand by the firm belief of the buyers to receive the equivalent product and services in exchange for what they pay. To keep up with the faith, we give equal significance to the development of every individual apartment of a particular housing project. A singular pointed attention is given to offer a 100% user satisfaction to buyers of apartments in Kolkata.

    Given the changing architectural trends of Kolkata, we wanted to offer something extraordinary to the buyers of our apartments through a strong focus on external and internal architectural designs. In general, the builders put more emphasis on amenities but we wanted to equally balance modern facilities with impeccable home designs.

    When you purchase a home, you pay for a comfortable place to spend your life. In addition, there always remains a secret desire to own a signature apartment, standing out from the crowd. The impeccable designs of apartments framed by our architects help fulfil your desire. We will corroborate this claim with the help of an example in the paragraph, below.

    What makes Realtech Housing Projects stand out among other ?

    CurioCity housing project: Talking about one of our apartment projects ‘CurioCity’, the individual apartments have been designed keeping in mind the rich history of antique architecture of Kolkata. The elegant antique architecture of the Raj era has been blended with the facilities of modern amenities. Among our other residential projects in Kolkata, ‘CurioCity’ will transport you from nostalgia to the present, in a smooth manner.

    Hijibiji housing project: If you want to witness architectural innovations, you must visit the site of Hijibiji housing project. The innovative designs are visible in the external architecture of the apartments and the asymmetrical gardens of the housing enclave. Truly innovative and contemporary, the apartments ensure all amenities to the homeowner.

    16 Aana: True to the words of famous writer Jane Austen, 16 Aana apartments offer the real comfort of staying in home, sweet home. 16 Aana apartments are located in the heart of Rajarhat, Kolkata. Proximity to the facilities like health centres, educational institutions, shopping malls gives you more flexibility. Luxury apartments are available at best prices.

    Alpana: We Indians and especially the Bengalis are fond of our tradition then why not add traditional streaks to the apartment designs! Alpana apartments reflect the trends of Bengali culture through its architecture. In addition, we offer all other facilities to the apartment owners.

    As we are very particular about keeping intact our hard-earned reputation, we never compromise with the quality of building materials or apartment installations.

    We Know How to Keep a Hard-Earned Reputation, Intact and Spotless

    If we were in your place, we would not go by the word-of-mouth reputation of a real estate company in Kolkata. Before making an investment, we would verify the track record of the company. You must follow a similar method while verifying our credentials. The reputation of ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ is founded over a strong base of its excellent track-record. The salient features of our way of work are incorporation of impeccable design outlays to build the apartments and a strict adherence to the completion deadline.

    We use industry best building materials, follow a meticulous planning, adhere with the highest quality professional conduct and always try to excel in our service. We take care about our Corporate-Social Responsibility or CSR principles and follow the methods of eco-friendly development. For any type of help regarding information gathering, booking a new apartment or the process of purchase, we have kept an efficient team of customer relationship management on a 24*7 hours basis.

    A spotless work ethics, an efficient management headed by our Board of Directors and special care taken to complete every individual apartment project are helping us to excel in our passion. To verify our credentials, our successful track record of 3 years includes the completion of more than 500 flats in different parts of Kolkata. Eight of our ongoing and five of our upcoming projects speak of the volume of work we are associated with and our vast reserve of experience in this industry.

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    The Mission To Redefine The World Of Apartments In Kolkata

    Apr 27, 2017

    When you start a new organization, there is always a mission that boosts up your determination. One such mission behind the foundation of the architect group of ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ was to redefine the world of housing infrastructure in Kolkata. The company was started 15 years ago. With the help of this company, the founding members Mr. Shishir Gupta and Mr. S.K. Nasir wanted to modify the way of working of this industry.

    Why is it neccessary to redefine the world of housing infrastructure in Kolkata?

    Apparently, there are many things that should be addressed in the world of the residential real estate in Kolkata.

    • Focus upon 100% user satisfaction
    • Giving equal priority to every individual apartment
    • Taking every apartment as an individual assignment
    • Utilisation of highest quality building materials
    • Maintenance of full professionalism
    • Constructing the apartments with excellent designs
    • Inclusion of modern facilities within the boundary of the housing project
    • Keep the prices within the reach of your budget
    • Keep a balance between the ecology and modern facilities
    • Developing a housing project near the centres from where one can easily avail a medium of transport
    • Choosing a plot to develop a housing project from where the educational, medical and shopping centres are quite near

    The ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ has addressed all the above-mentioned points during the course of its journey as a real estate builder in Kolkata.

    How does Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. differ from rest of the other builders?

    Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. wishes to offer a totally different experience to those who are looking for apartments in Kolkata. The company keeps a balance between tradition and innovation. One of the primary aims of the organization is to go beyond the expectations of its valued customers. The good thing is that, for Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd., every customer is a valued member of its extended family.

    The success of our excellent track record is our continuous effort to excel in our profession so that when you go to buy a property in Kolkata and book an apartment with us, you get the best one against the money you have paid. We are growing and we hope to prosper with your success.


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