Insight to Real Pujo: Cherishing old memories with new experiences

The Bengali festive season is never complete for the Realtech family without their Real Pujo Parikrama. Adding on new members every year, the Realtech family is growing in leaps and bounds while they come up with new and fresh ideas and make an effort to bring smiles on the faces of our loved seniors by bringing back childhood memories of ‘dhunuchi’ dance and ‘dhakis’ performances’ while pandal hopping with them.

While all of us wait for Maa to visit her paternal home every year in the month of Ashwin, there are some whose wait never end. In association with Kolkata Police Pronam, Realtech Nirman organizes this Pujo Parikrama to hold their hands and accompany them to get a glance of Maa as they once did for their own children. “It’s our time to stand by them and give them a feeling of happiness on this special day when Maa comes home. It is a small initiative by our company to give them joy even if for one day every year. We wait for this day and we cherish these memories until the next time”, says the Managing Director of Realtech Nirman, Mr Shishir Gupta.

Corporate Badminton Tournament: Merchant Cup At The Saturday Social Club

The most prestigious tournament for badminton in the corporate sector witnessed a jaw dropping neck to neck finale match on 11th March (Sunday) at The Saturday Social Club Kolkata. The game was a tough competition between Air India and Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd where the later (Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. ) were the ones standing as the doubles contests at the Merchant Cup championships 2018 concluded on Sunday at The Saturday Social Club Kolkata.

There was a stark contrast between the three rounds. The first set was won by Air India players. However, the tables turned in the consecutive sets. The final set which was the deciding round was hard to miss. Realtech Nirman won the final set and swept the floor off the opponent’s feet.

The champion’s cup was handed over to the winning team by a member of The Saturday Social Club Kolkata.

“We have great players and a very close knit team. Their bonding in real life is also the reason behind their team work and individual effort. I hope we win more such matches in future together. On behalf of our team I thank the organizers and sponsors along with the supporters who boosted their confidence during the match. My friend and co-owner of the company, Sk. Nasir has always stood by my side and supported me in all my endeavors. It is his prayers and by the blessings of the Almighty that Realtech Nirman has seen growth and success in every way possible”, said Shishir Gupta, Managing Director and team owner, Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.

The Feather Cup Badminton Tournament 2018

Another win by Realtech Nirman against Nicco Group. The Feather Cup Badminton Tournament 2018 organised by Lake Club on Jan 20, 2018, was won by the Realtech Team. The players put up a fair play and their best efforts resulted in the championship. The opponents too put up a great show and were a neck to neck competition. The game was spectacular and all players gave their 100 percent efforts to win the game.

Corporate Badminton Tournament 2017 At Space Circle Club

The Space Circle Corporate Badminton & Table Tennis Tournament held in December 2017 at VIP Road Club witnessed a fierce competition. A table tennis tourney was also introduced for the first time. Leading corporates like Realtech Nirman, Spy Eye, and IBM participated in the tournament. The third edition of the tournament was presented by The Telegraph and coordinated by Mr. Sanjeev Ghosh, Corporate General Manager, Space Circle. Realtech Nirman gave the participants a great competition and won the Men’s Singles and Mixed doubles.

Mixed Doubles Champions: Mr. Shishir Gupta and Ms. Manisha Tharad
Men’s Singles Champion: Mr. Tuhin Ghosh

How Senior Citizens Enjoyed Realtech Real Puja Parikrama 2017?

Amidst the pomp and show of the grand ‘Durga Puja’ celebrations in Kolkata, we tend to forget our elders, the senior citizens who need help to fully participate in the festival. For the past 8 years, ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’ has been organising ‘Realtech Real Puja Parikrama’ and still now, 8000 senior citizens have participated in the event.

‘Realtech Real Puja Parikrama 2017’ was held on 25th September. In this year the celebrations got a different dimension with the presence of the chief guest Miss Jhulan Goswami. Along with the active participation of the Kolkata police, ‘Realtech Nirman’ ensured the grand success of the Parikrama. Twelve luxury, air-conditioned buses were arranged to take the participants at different Puja pandals spread across the North and South Kolkata. Caps, umbrellas, water bottles and food packets were distributed to them. According to the Managing Directors Mr. Shishir Gupta and Mr. S.K. Nasir, they receive their biggest rewards in the way of the smile and happiness reflected on the faces of the senior citizens.

Corporate Badminton Tournament 2016 At Space Circle Club

A Corporate Badminton Tournament 2016 was held at the Space Circle. Many leading corporates participated in the event including the Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd., Indian Oil, IBM, PWC, The Telegraph, Capgemini, Concentrix, Aditya Birla Insulators among others. We won the dual titles that of Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles Runners-up.The Space Circle Club organised the tournament that was held from 11th Feb to 20th Feb.

Mixed Doubles Runners Up: Mr. Shishir Gupta and Ms. Manisha Tharad
Men’s Doubles Runners Up: Mr. Shishir Gupta and Mr. Vaibhav Dalmia

Celebrated The Spirit Of Spring With ‘Aji a Basante’

Spring is the time of rejuvenation and the young team of the ‘Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd.’, organised a programme to celebrate the spirit of Colours & Celebration. On the 8th and 9th March, 2017, our Canter van passed through the Sector V and New Town areas of Kolkata. The objective was to give a colourful touch to the mundane, daily life of the office goers.

To carve the memorable moments, we organised dance and musical renditions based on the ‘Rabindra Sangeet’. A quiz contest was also arranged where the winners had been presented with the organic colours or ‘Abir’.

Hope, the colours of Spring would feel your life with positivity. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.

Reliving Youth with SportZinger

The Gold Plate championship organized by SportZinger at South City Housing Society was a pure delight. The Shuttle Knock was won by Realtech Nirman group against the Rajwadas in the Gold Plate Championship. Mr Shishir Gupta and Manisha Tharad became runners-up in the Mixed doubles against Mr Tuhin and Ms Shaila. Ms Manisha Tharad also held the winner’s trophy in the Women’s Singles championship. The event that took place on 20th May 2018 was a neck to neck competition between the corporates with a mind-blowing performance by all teams who took part in it.